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Founded in 2002, Webnetex has been providing quality web development at affordable rates to small businesses as well as individuals.

Our employees bring to the table over 14 years combined experience in web design, development and programming.

Webnetex strives to offer quality and reliability in both it's web development as well as web hosting services.

Our hosting providers have been specializing in running the latest versions of Red Hat Linux and Windows 2000, 2003 web hosting for years. These hosting services are backed by multiple redundant backbones which ensure that you will have the speed and uptime you demand. To reach maximum uptime and availability, combining a highly robust, leveraged cluster of servers with a complete line of managed services, including load balancing, advanced security features and superior customer support.

Webnetex has many options to meet your needs. Host your web site with us and let us help you build your web presence, from a simple one-page site to a comprehensive E-commerce storefront. When you select one of our hosting plans, you're not just getting an address on the World Wide Web but you're getting one of the finest homes for your site on the Internet.

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